Sunday, June 25, 2017

How To Recover Your Over-Scratched MTN Recharge Card Via MyMTN App

How To Recover Your Over-Scratched MTN Recharge Card Via MyMTN App

Have you ever lost your recharge card when scratching the silver panel? It’s usually painful and gives bad mood especially if you have purchased it with the last money on you. I could remember when this happened to me last year, I bought a pack of N200 MTN card and eventually I fall victim of the rain and when I finally got home I made efforts to sun-dry it but unfortunately I could only recharge two out of the ten recharge card in a pack. All my efforts to retrieve the recharge card through customer care proved abortive. Imagine what could have happen if it’s now. Lol
Like I have said, it’s usually painful when you mistakenly scratched the digits on your recharge card but here is good news for you. This time around there is no need for you to call customer care neither need of contacting them on social medias as the solution has now been provided in the popular official MyMTN app.

MyMTN app is a popular MTN self service tool that helps you to manage your line even without customer care interventions but here is how to use the app to recover your over-scratched recharge card.
How To Use MyMTN App To Recover Over-Scratched Recharge Card
1. Firstly, visit Playstore, download and install the MyMTN app on your phone.
2. Login your account or register an account, if you don't have.
3. Tap on 'Load over-scratched card' option.
4. Enter the incomplete 'Digits of the scratch card'.
5. Enter the 'Serial number of the over-scratched card'.
6. Enter the 'Phone number' and finally, tap on 'Recovery'.
Immediately, your full recharge card pin would be sent to you via SMS and you can then load it or use it for whatever you want to use it for.
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Note that the above only applicable to MTN users only therefore if you’re using other networks like Airtel, Glo or Etisalat you cannot recover you over-scratched card through the above procedures but probably if your network provider decided to released their own app.
Below is a video tutorial from MTN on how to recover your over-scratched recharge card through the using of MyMTN app.
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