Wednesday, June 14, 2017


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Last week Wednesday saw the launch of the much talked about Infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus, these two combo devices seem like the Flagship devices from the veteran smartphone manufacturing Infinix and we just can’t wait to give you the details of the Infinix Zero 4.
Without further ado let’s take an image tour of the Infinix Zero 4 device:
The package of the Infinix Zero 4 made me remember the famous quote “There is Honour in Simplicity”. The Infinix Zero 4 packing gives no hint of the awesome hardware it holds within.
Let’s have a peep at the premium package of the Infinix Zero 4 Accessories. You really will be wowed by the packaging, simple and class merged together.
infinix-zero4 accessories
The package contains the device (Infinix Zero 4), a usb cable, earphone, charging adapter, a transparent plastic back cover and a tempered glass screen protector
The All Metal Unibody Design is also worth talking about. The devices metal body makes it feel solid in hand and you get the unmistakable impression that the device can take a few knocks and still be standing. Furthermore, the body of the device is smudge resistant. So you don’t see finger print marks.
Say Hello to the amazingly powerful 16 MP rear camera. The only hiccup here is the protruding camera. This means the device cannot lie flat on its back, its always going to be slanted. But who cares, most people don’t like it but it seems Infinix faithfuls love this feature. Moreover, camera function comes before camera look anytime. The rear camera is equipped Optical image stabilization, laser focus and LED flash.
On the front, the device has an 8MP camera sitting atop the screen. It also comes with a front flash, so you can snap away even in the dark.
The camera quality will be put to test during our comprehensive review.
Did I forget to mention the Fingerprint Sensor? This is a feature I love so much. Saying bye to having to input your password or some patterns all the time before you unlock your phone can be tiring. All you have to do is just register your fingerprint(s) or yours and those of close friends/spouse etc.
Infinix zero4 Fingerprint sensor

The 3.55mm Earphone jack can be found at the top of the device.

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