Monday, July 31, 2017

WhatsApp: Over 1bn users recorded daily

There are 7.5 billion people on this planet, while WhatsApp says that 13.3 per cent of them are using Whatsapp every day.

The news was posted, recently by WhatsApp. According to the messaging app, which is owned by Facebook, other notable stats include: 1.3 billion monthly active users, 55 billion messages sent daily, 4.5 billion photos shared daily, 1 billion videos shared daily and 60 languages supported.

Last year, WhatsApp had one billion users a month. It’s catching up with Facebook, which has 2 billion active users a month as of June 27.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WhatsApp Update: Ability to Watch Youtube Video Directly on WhatsApp

A lot of updates have been ongoing on WhatsApp and we are still expecting more features. The last features that was released prior to this was the ability to transfer any files at all to your WhatsApp contact and it currently enables users to share a maximum file size of 100MB (Android), 128MB (iOS) or 64MB (desktop).

WhatsApp Update: Ability to Watch Youtube Video Directly on WhatsApp

If you are a beta tester, upgrade your WhatsApp to Android version 2.17.263 and you’ll have the sharing of any file feature enabled by default.

The latest update coming to WhatsApp on appstore is the ability to watch Youtube videos directly on your WhatsApp instead of opening in Youtube app. A number of times, friends and family must have sent you a youtube link directly to your WhatsApp but instead of opening WhatsApp, it will open straight on Youtube apps… but now, it’s over.

Finally this won’t happen anymore: this new feature implemented in WhatsApp uses the Picture in Picture concept to view YouTube videos without opening it.

You can pinch on the Picture in Picture mode in order to expand it, or you can open the video in a new WhatsApp section to view it in full screen mode.

Though this feature is still under development but it is available for iOS users… Android users coming soon!
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Monday, July 17, 2017

The New-Age Investment - Alternative Investment

Elective Investment infers putting resources into resources other than the conventional strategies, for example, stocks, securities, money, and so on. These could be private value, multifaceted investments, land, products, valuable metals, wine, workmanship, and so on. These kind of speculations are held by high total assets people, or institutional speculators. The expansion of this kind of speculation to the portfolio permits broadening, diminishes dangers and upgrades returns.

The execution of benefits utilized as a part of option speculations is generally lower when contrasted with those in the customary strategies. They are generally more hard to esteem. They are likewise less fluid when contrasted with conventional strategies.

Some prominent sorts of option speculations being broadly utilized are:

Private Equity:

This can be characterized as putting resources into privately owned businesses, for example, new companies, investment, and financing all through periods of the organization's development. This venture is done in organizations that don't issue open stocks. These organizations raise supports through capital contributed by institutional and non-institutional financial specialists.

Coordinate Investment in Private Companies:

This infers putting resources into a start-up or a privately owned business specifically rather than the value. This is a high hazard and exceptional yield recommendation.

Genuine Assets:

This suggests putting resources into physical resources which are of high esteem. Cases of such resources are valuable metals, land, oil, wine, workmanship, gems, and so on.

Speculative stock investments:

For this situation, reserves are gathered from various speculators to shape a typical pool of assets. These assets are contributed utilizing distinctive sorts of procedures to win the arrival on speculations. They have the preferred standpoint that they require less SEC controls than different assets.

Overseen Futures:

This is like Hedge stores where a typical pool of financial specialist's assets is made. These assets are put resources into different budgetary instruments, for example, wares, cash and financing cost markets.

Budgetary Derivatives:

A budgetary subsidiary is a course of action where the speculator is guaranteed an installment when a specific resource achieves a specific level. These securities incorporate fates, choices, advances and swaps.

Reserve of Funds:

This is a methods for differentiating ventures. It is accomplished by putting resources into various chiefs, resource classes or procedures.

Private Placement Debt:

Financial specialists can get an unfaltering trade stream by contributing out a privately owned business through promissory notes.

As the share trading system winds up noticeably unstable and eccentric, individuals are looking for safe venture techniques. At such a period elective speculation plans have gone to a safe secure alternative to private speculators. In this manner, they are winding up noticeably profoundly mainstream. Be that as it may, they can't supplant customary strategies totally. They ought to be utilized to supplement them. This will increment and differentiate the speculation portfolio and limit the dangers of venture.
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Family Operation

I have a considerable measure of customers who come to see me due to issues emerge when relatives cooperate in organizations or cultivating operations. This is a region that I can identify with as I have three youngsters, every one of whom have been included in my private practice throughout the years.

Here are a portion of the territories that may cause concern:

1. Characterizing authority - Sometimes there is rivalry with respect to who will be "the supervisor", particularly when kin are included. A parent who has built up the business may be trusting that s/he can semi-resign or resign. Regardless of the possibility that individuals from cutting edge can proceed with the work, there isn't any ensure that it will thrive - particularly if the gatherings included are not functioning as a group. Your occupation is to tutor and direct those included until the point that the ones who are assuming control can accept every one of the errands required with effectiveness and shared regard.

2. Rolling out improvements - Because I have worked so difficult to fabricate my business, I can have all the earmarks of being stiff-necked about attempting better approaches to get things done. Most proprietors have encountered disappointments or wasteful aspects and along these lines feel that after some time they have taken in the best methodologies to develop and look after operations. Now and then what we do works however should in any case be possible better! We can be obsolete or gullible. I recollect the day that my two children sat me down and persuaded me to set up web based booking and to acknowledge Visas. I consented to attempt these for one month just however was stunned at how both were gotten emphatically by my customers and spared both time and cash for my staff. Thank sky they were steady. We should be wary additionally open to new thoughts.

3. Defining limits - When am I the mother and when am I the "supervisor"? This is one of the hardest things to deal with in both cultivating and business operations, particularly if there are more distant family individuals included. Living on a ranch, for instance, is not the same as having a nine to five occupation where you punch a period clock. There should be an adjust of work and a good time for all eras. Clear interchanges are essential with regards to both characterizing and overseeing limits.

4. Clutching feelings of disdain - In any business venture it is constantly simpler to enlist a man "all things considered". His/her resume plots their accomplishments and not their negative qualities or history. Additionally, while employing a "pariah" there isn't the passionate tie that you have with relatives so it can be simpler to give headings, go up against and, if vital, fire the individual's position. When you are working with relatives, you can't cover issues however rather need to go up against them and gone to a determination or possibly settle on a truce. At that point the people included must have the capacity to "let go" of the issue. That isn't generally simple and employing an expert specialist or go between can help with this.

It is tragic when grandparents and guardians put their lives into organizations for their youngsters just to discover that the cutting edge isn't intrigued or ready to get along alright to go ahead.

You can't compel your fantasies onto others or make them do it your way. You additionally can't pass the light to them and afterward take it back again and again or scrutinize the way that they keep running with it.

The individuals who have positive family operations ordinarily have clear interchanges, limits, and methodology. They additionally have figured out how to be interested in new thoughts and manage their associations with development and regard.
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TrackMyFone Review: A Premium Parental App for Digital Surveillance

There is no act more nuanced than handling the effective use of technology. Parents constantly have to face this struggle with their kids. Though internet and tech gizmos provide unlimited information and develop technical skills within a child, they also expose kids to numerous online dangers. Since kids are of a carefree nature, they can easily venture into the wilds of internet, without thinking of the consequences. In order to safeguard kids’ interests, digital surveillance on them is necessary.

In the current techno-digital era, mass proliferation of tech gadgets has made it impossible for parents to determine what activities their kids are involved in. Moreover, the ‘paradox of privacy’ among kids kindles in them a sense of independent decision-making. So regulating the kids’ screen time has become a necessary endeavor.

Since more and more young kids are navigating online, there is an increased likelihood for monitoring apps and software to be used by parents to monitor their actions. One such app is TrackMyFone which allows parents to remotely snoop into their kids’ lives to provide a safe environment for them.

Here is a detailed trackmyfone review so that parents can make an informed purchase decision about the app. Read further to get acquainted with it!

Overview: Looking through the glass

Trackmyfone is an app specifically designed for monitoring kids. It is a parental control app that is a manifestation of remote and discreet spying. It offers a powerful yet intuitive user interface, making it convenient for less savvy parents to monitor their kids. The main objective of the app is to be simple and minimalistic so that parents can easily access their kid’s information. It helps the user in all aspects to conduct an effective monitoring plan by offering covert monitoring features so that the user can remotely spy on the target, and that too without any interference.

Though new in the market, trackmyfone is dominating the monitoring spectrum because it offers content-filtering features which are not available in many apps. It also ensures real-time monitoring of the target so it is quite an authentic tool when extracting information of a person. The app frequently updates its software to keep pace with the current dynamic trends in the monitoring arena.

Compatibility and installation

The best monitoring software is one which works on all tech devices. Trackmyfone is compatible with all iOS and Android gizmos. For android devices, it runs on Gingerbread 2.3 or higher, while in iOS devices, it runs on all iOS 6.0 or higher programs.

Trackmyfone is a cinch to install. Unlike other apps that require configuration or license codes for verification, trackmyfone has a simple installation process. Though the app lacks a free trial service, this downside is often recompensed by the Live Demo that it offers on its website. For all android devices whether rooted or non-rooted, physical installation of the app is mandatory.

However, in iOS devices, if the target phone is Jailbroken, then physical installation is required while if the target phone is Non-Jailbroken, then only iCloud login credentials of the target are needed.

State-of-the-art features

TrackyMyFone is a handy tool that offers a wide range of features to the customers. These are the most essential feature of trackmyfone review. The app does a commendable job at monitoring and reporting the target activities. View the features discussed briefly;

• Call log monitoring

You can monitor the entire record of all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls in the target phone. Depicting the frequency of calls of a specific caller can help you determine who’s in contact with your kid. Call details are also available which include, name of caller, their number, date and time stamp, and call duration.

• Reading texts and chats

Explosion of communication channels has increased the global appetite for texting. Apart from text messages, kids chat through online platforms including WhatsApp, iMessages, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. which are free and offer various features. You can read not only the message content but also view the multimedia files (photos, videos, audio files, documents), if exchanged between the target and their contacts.

• Location tracking

Every parent is concerned about where their kids are going. They may lie about sleeping over at a friend’s place when they’re actually partying late at night. If you want to keep tabs on your kids’ whereabouts, you can track their GPS location which provides the exact address at a specific time. Through Geo-fencing, you can create a virtual barricade over your kids.

• Monitoring web activity

Social media platforms are commonly used by kids to improve communications with others. You don’t know the person your kid is chatting is might be a pedophile, an online predator, or a serial killer. There is a lot of explicit content online that your kid can view. So you can browse the websites visited by your kid and also see the bookmarks.

Some exciting features of trackmyfone

There are some add-ons that only trackmyfone offers, making it popular among parents. These unique features add to its value.

Content filtering by blocking apps from being installed
Set screen time to limit smartphone usage
Watch-list alerts on calls, texts, and location to notify unauthorized activity

The verdict!

Do you want your kids to use their cell phone privileges responsible? When it comes to monitoring and reporting, trackmyfone does not disappoint the users. With its great customer support, flexible pricing, and extensive features, the app is definitely worth trying.
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Loan Real Money into Your Bank Account With Etisalat KwikCash, See how!

Loan real money into your bank account with Etisalat KwikCash. Etisalat collaborated with KwikCash to give users the best features and ultimately, to satisfy their needs.

You might have been in a state where you are stranded because no cash or money to move from that particular state, this Etisalat KwikCash feature might probably be your last hope. Nevertheless, this feature was launched by Etisalat since last year, 2016 and has been in promotion. So, this KwikCash has come to save users out from zero balance.

Etisalat (9mobile) collaborated with KwikCash to give Etisalat subscribers the solution to meet their loan needs. You only need a mobile phone to process the loan by just dialling *561# that allow you access loans of upto N100,000 from your Etisalat line and will be credited instantly to your bank account.

How To Get Loan From Etisalat KwikCash

Dial *561# from your dial pad.
Select "Request loan".

Select preferred loan offer.
Select Bank and input your 10-digit NUBAN
Then, confirm repayment amount and accept terms and conditions.
It will be credited to your bank account instantly.

How To Payback Loan From Etisalat KwikCash

Go to your dial pad.
Dial *561*1*2# and follow the instructions.
It will as well be deducted from your bank account and repayment will be collected instantly.

Note: Everyone is eligible to borrow but eligibility depends on your phone usage; specifically, on how you recharge.
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Modern Technology & Robotics Save Billions In Infrastructure Costs

The world has turned into a worldwide town since nations are currently interconnected, more individuals are voyaging and business is extending in various countries. These things are occurring at a continually expanding pace and to remain aggressive on the world stage today our foundation needs to keep up. Without a present day, safe framework our ports won't have the capacity to deal with the new profound water payload send, merchandise won't be transported from plants to shipyards in an auspicious way and individuals will be continually late for work. Today like never before, development and advancement is impractical if the countries foundation lingers behind.

In the nineteenth and twentieth century, America concentrated primarily on growing its transportation arrange by building streets, spans and other concerned structures. Be that as it may, the examination and upkeep of those structures have not kept pace. A significant number of those structures entered the finish of their helpful life years back. Movement loads are 10 times what they were the point at which some of these structures were constructed. Since they now bolster more activity, the heaps put extra wear on them. Furthermore, because of out of date review techniques the erosion and decay has outpaced repairs. Because of this decay we have to discover contrasting options to simply supplanting or re-assembling these structures. There is sufficiently not cash in the framework to trade the majority of the extensions for instance that are in a condition of deterioration.

How present day innovation and mechanical autonomy can resuscitate the foundations?

Utilization of innovation and mechanical autonomy is a proactive stride in the upkeep of our foundation. For instance, on the off chance that you realize that you are having manifestations of any ailment in its underlying stage then you can successfully treat the sickness and recapture your wellbeing. Thus, on the off chance that we know where decay, water interruption and consumption is happening in a structure we can make the minor repairs to them before they turn into a danger to the entire structure.

Current innovation assumes a noteworthy part in assessing the decay and different distortions creating in the structure. It precisely surveys the state of a structure like scaffold, street, dam, burrow in a non ruinous way. In conventional may I say the current old-fashioned strategies, reviews are performed on chosen ranges which is known as part examining and tests are gathered through techniques like coring and cutting which is a ruinous strategy. When you center or cut we are presenting these regions to air and dampness which additionally causes erosion.

The examination and observing procedure of foundation needs to change. With the present current innovation and mechanical autonomy we have the capacity to make our investigation forms more precise. Present day apply autonomy incorporated into the examination procedure can give more quantitative information as well as can avert path terminations, increment the security of both the investigators and people in general and all the more precisely survey the foundation they are reviewing.

Present day innovation consolidated with mechanical autonomy has many favorable circumstances over customary techniques for framework examination and upkeep. A portion of the advantages are:

· No more path terminations or impermanent shutting of the extension

· Eliminates the requirement for evening time assessments

· Increased wellbeing of open and review group

· Quantitative outcomes rather than subjective outcomes

· Real time information investigation on location

· Data history of structure condition can be put away for later point by point investigation

· Accurate condition evaluation of surface, super surface and sub surface layers

· Determine thickness of solid cover and area of rebar without harming the surface

· Find out minor splits, voids, water interruptions inside the surface and imagine it through 2D and 3D representations

· Reduce work costs and spares time

· Collect information from hazardous statures from each edge with the assistance of automated supplies

· Thoroughly check every single part of the structure and discover more minor and real issue territories when contrasted with visual review

· Helps in suggesting and organizing the repairing work

Using present day innovation and apply autonomy will give most extreme security to open and staff amid extension and street investigation and give precise condition evaluation answer to the Department of transportation and scaffold proprietors. By giving the quantitative information the DOT needs to legitimately apportion resources we can help broaden the administration life of our basic foundation resources and spare billions in less than ideal substitutions.

Note that the innovation independent from anyone else is insufficient. Experienced ensured connect monitors alongside mechanical technology will offer the benefit administrators a much better deliverable then they have ever gotten some time recently. Leading scaffold assessments in this way will lessen not just decrease the cost of extension review or investigation of some other structure essentially, yet give the quantitative information the bureau of transportation needs to apportion resources.
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Locating The Right Office Relocation Company For You

Is it accurate to say that you are an entrepreneur and pondering moving your office? In the event that yes, at that point to guarantee that the migration procedure gets done bother free, you should benefit the administrations of a solid movement organization. By benefiting movement administrations, you can spare your time and cash, diminishes stretch, and limits the slip-ups in the Office Relocation prepare. Along these lines, you can make the procedure effortless for you. Such specialist co-op can help the weight of migration and guarantee you that your business won't endure due to the adjustment in area.

As the interest for corporate movement administrations has been expanding generally, there are countless offering such administrations are springing up in the market. A decent specialist organization will have the capacity to deal with the whole movement handle professionally, without making any worry for you. In the event that you are contemplating employing an organization for the same, at that point there are a couple of things that you ought to consider, for example,

It is vital that the organization you are picking has been putting forth the movement administrations for a long time, so it can guarantee about helping you in your moving procedure professionally, and without making any bothers for you. An accomplished organization will have the capacity to deal with everything in regards to such process flawlessly.

Notoriety of a specific specialist organization is another critical thought that you ought not neglect to make when wanting to get connected with movement administrations. A very much rumored organization implies excellent administrations and various fulfilled customers.

Distinctive organizations give their administrations at various costs. In this manner, it is recommended to analyze the valuing of various specialist organization accessible in the market giving the comparable administrations. Thusly, you can without much of a stretch find an organization that can help you with first rate benefits and no more reasonable rates.

Checking the foundation of the organization you are thinking about is additionally proposed since you may discover many specialist co-ops out there that are new to the business, however are fit for giving preferred administrations over the prepared ones.

By keeping the previously mentioned focuses in the psyche, you can start your journey of looking through a solid Office Relocation. The good thing is that there are many organizations accessible in the market and in addition online that can help you with one such administration. You can go for a basic hunt over the web and can find the correct organization for moving your office to elsewhere securely.
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Monday, July 3, 2017

3 Ways To Make Money On Youtube Without Adsense

Making videos on YouTube can be very lucrative if executed correctly. Unfortunately, many beginner YouTube creators believe that if they make quality videos, and allow ads to appear on their videos, the cash will begin to flow in. However, many of those creators come to find out that YouTube is not a sustainable income source. In fact, while it is impossible to give an exact number, you can estimate that a video will make a dollar for every thousand views.

Why does YouTube pay so little to its creators? First of all, let's remember that this is YouTube's platform and it doesn't have any responsibility to pay its creators, but it chooses to regardless. You also have to keep in mind that there are many hands that the money from advertisers goes through before it gets to you. It starts with the consumers, who pay the advertiser, who then pays YouTube, who finally pays the creator. By the end, there isn't much money left over. So, what can creators do to quickly use YouTube to create a sustainable income?

1.Affiliate marketing

This is one of the most popular methods of making money on YouTube. Affiliate marketing is marketing in which you sell other people's products and take a commission for each item or service you sell through a special URL that is linked to your account. While so many companies have affiliate programs for which you can make a commission, one of the most simple, and most popular, programs is Amazon's Associates program, which starts the commission at 4 percent.

When you sign up for Amazon's program, you will be taken to your portal where you can search for virtually any item on the Amazon marketplace, and create a special link for that product. All you have to do is make a video highlighting a product that you love, tell viewers to click the link in the description if they are interested, and let your commissions roll in. The best part is that once your viewers click your link, you will receive a commission on anything that they purchase on Amazon within the next 24 hours.

2.Selling your own products

We are of the understanding that YouTube will pay us a fraction of a penny of what they make from an advertiser. Affiliate programs such as Amazon will give us a larger percentage of sales, but what if we wanted to make 100 percent of the revenue and have full control of the money coming in? To do this, you need to sell your own products.

For example, let's say you create a mini online training program that you sell for $50. You will want to make a video that provides immense value and then at the end of the video pitch your course to get more value. At 1,000 views on that video, YouTube AdSense will pay about $1, but if you were only able to convince 0.5 percent of your audience to purchase your course (five viewers), you will make a total of $250 in revenue from your own product. Therefore, not many people are required to purchase your product to make more money than what YouTube will pay.


Ultimately, the fastest way to make money on YouTube is to give value of some kind. Uploading videos and hoping for the best is not enough. After gradually attracting your targeted audience, periodically pitch your consulting services for your viewers to receive even more value than what they are already receiving. Your goal should be to make your audience think, If I'm getting this amount of value from free videos on YouTube, imagine the amount of value I'd receive from a paid one-on-one consulting service. At that point it would be a no-brainer to pay you for your expertise, knowledge and time.

In my experience, many creators who get started on YouTube believe that they just need to upload videos to YouTube, turn ads on and let the compensation roll in. This is only true if you are looking to make a non-sustainable passive income from your videos. If you are looking to grow a brand and a business, be sure to provide value and sprinkle in these other income streams. Remember though, the only way each of these ways to make income with YouTube will be effective is if you provide value first, so let that be your focus and the compensation will come more naturally.

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