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TrackMyFone Review: A Premium Parental App for Digital Surveillance

There is no act more nuanced than handling the effective use of technology. Parents constantly have to face this struggle with their kids. Though internet and tech gizmos provide unlimited information and develop technical skills within a child, they also expose kids to numerous online dangers. Since kids are of a carefree nature, they can easily venture into the wilds of internet, without thinking of the consequences. In order to safeguard kids’ interests, digital surveillance on them is necessary.

In the current techno-digital era, mass proliferation of tech gadgets has made it impossible for parents to determine what activities their kids are involved in. Moreover, the ‘paradox of privacy’ among kids kindles in them a sense of independent decision-making. So regulating the kids’ screen time has become a necessary endeavor.

Since more and more young kids are navigating online, there is an increased likelihood for monitoring apps and software to be used by parents to monitor their actions. One such app is TrackMyFone which allows parents to remotely snoop into their kids’ lives to provide a safe environment for them.

Here is a detailed trackmyfone review so that parents can make an informed purchase decision about the app. Read further to get acquainted with it!

Overview: Looking through the glass

Trackmyfone is an app specifically designed for monitoring kids. It is a parental control app that is a manifestation of remote and discreet spying. It offers a powerful yet intuitive user interface, making it convenient for less savvy parents to monitor their kids. The main objective of the app is to be simple and minimalistic so that parents can easily access their kid’s information. It helps the user in all aspects to conduct an effective monitoring plan by offering covert monitoring features so that the user can remotely spy on the target, and that too without any interference.

Though new in the market, trackmyfone is dominating the monitoring spectrum because it offers content-filtering features which are not available in many apps. It also ensures real-time monitoring of the target so it is quite an authentic tool when extracting information of a person. The app frequently updates its software to keep pace with the current dynamic trends in the monitoring arena.

Compatibility and installation

The best monitoring software is one which works on all tech devices. Trackmyfone is compatible with all iOS and Android gizmos. For android devices, it runs on Gingerbread 2.3 or higher, while in iOS devices, it runs on all iOS 6.0 or higher programs.

Trackmyfone is a cinch to install. Unlike other apps that require configuration or license codes for verification, trackmyfone has a simple installation process. Though the app lacks a free trial service, this downside is often recompensed by the Live Demo that it offers on its website. For all android devices whether rooted or non-rooted, physical installation of the app is mandatory.

However, in iOS devices, if the target phone is Jailbroken, then physical installation is required while if the target phone is Non-Jailbroken, then only iCloud login credentials of the target are needed.

State-of-the-art features

TrackyMyFone is a handy tool that offers a wide range of features to the customers. These are the most essential feature of trackmyfone review. The app does a commendable job at monitoring and reporting the target activities. View the features discussed briefly;

• Call log monitoring

You can monitor the entire record of all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls in the target phone. Depicting the frequency of calls of a specific caller can help you determine who’s in contact with your kid. Call details are also available which include, name of caller, their number, date and time stamp, and call duration.

• Reading texts and chats

Explosion of communication channels has increased the global appetite for texting. Apart from text messages, kids chat through online platforms including WhatsApp, iMessages, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. which are free and offer various features. You can read not only the message content but also view the multimedia files (photos, videos, audio files, documents), if exchanged between the target and their contacts.

• Location tracking

Every parent is concerned about where their kids are going. They may lie about sleeping over at a friend’s place when they’re actually partying late at night. If you want to keep tabs on your kids’ whereabouts, you can track their GPS location which provides the exact address at a specific time. Through Geo-fencing, you can create a virtual barricade over your kids.

• Monitoring web activity

Social media platforms are commonly used by kids to improve communications with others. You don’t know the person your kid is chatting is might be a pedophile, an online predator, or a serial killer. There is a lot of explicit content online that your kid can view. So you can browse the websites visited by your kid and also see the bookmarks.

Some exciting features of trackmyfone

There are some add-ons that only trackmyfone offers, making it popular among parents. These unique features add to its value.

Content filtering by blocking apps from being installed
Set screen time to limit smartphone usage
Watch-list alerts on calls, texts, and location to notify unauthorized activity

The verdict!

Do you want your kids to use their cell phone privileges responsible? When it comes to monitoring and reporting, trackmyfone does not disappoint the users. With its great customer support, flexible pricing, and extensive features, the app is definitely worth trying.

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