Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The 5 Dollar Phone Is Real

So you guys might remember a while back I made an article about a four dollar Smartphone, this really bizarre situation where and we're about to find out what is four dollar phone does, people were pre-ordering this eventual smartphone that would be sold for four dollars it was like everyone thought it sounded too good to be true and it turned out that it was and then those phones never ended up shipping and it was a huge fiasco.
unboxing the Viva V1, 5 DOLLAR phone made in India

Well maybe a $4 or $5 smartphone is not a reality right now for various reasons but I have what is the cheapest phone period that I've ever looked at by far by a longshot, no it's not a smartphone as you can tell looking at the picture here the VIVA V1 is made in India.

The Viva V1 has a monochrome display, a SIM card slot is kind of important on a phone, torchlight, phonebook, FM radio, SMS and 650 milliampere battery.
Viva V1 front view

How much would you pay for something like this? This is five dollars it's a real thing you can go out and buy this right now, why is it interesting well you kind of have to adjust your mindset a global perspective on this it's made in India first of all so it's made in the domestic market and sold to domestic customers, this may be their very first point of connectivity we all know where that goes from there so this is going to put a phone in the hands of a lot of individuals who maybe ever had a phone before. So the question is what were they able to pack in the Viva V1 for five bucks?

Okay cool, unboxing experience is fairly bare-bone that's about it.

Let's see the cheapest phone made in India, inside the Viva V1 box there's a power brick to charge it up, removable battery and there is the device. What a throwback that is, kind of reminds me of my first Nokia or something like that.

Viva V1 Phone Appearance

A number pad as well as the old-school t9 style texting, navigation button, buttons to call and hang up, earpiece up top monochrome display on the top there's a flashlight, I wouldn't expect to see that in a $5 phone, a headphone jack oh my goodness even a $5 phone has a headphone jack, so no microUSB it's got a tube style connector, the speaker is on the back, inside we have our SIM card tray.

Review of the Viva V1 after personal Usage

Let's see if this has juice, there it is monochrome but a little bit of contrast there no big deal ambulance police here's the flashlight. There you go possibly an emergency phone that somebody could keep in the glove box of their car or something all of a sudden you start to understand why you would want to have a flashlight, there oh you need to have headphones plugged in for the radio because the headphones are going to act as the antenna, there's a calculator built-in,games is actually oh it has snake and only snake okay.

I'm having some nostalgic feelings right here we have messages, there's a phonebook let's try the different ringtones a lot of drama there has a surprisingly strong vibration motor so if you can't hear it you can feel it.

It’s such an unusual thing to feature a low budget phone, I went on the Amazon page some people are upset they're like call quality not that great, the thing I like about dumb phones in general their functionality is basic, so generally what you end up with something that can turn into a good emergency phone, so if the Viva V1 is five bucks and what does that mean for smartphones and connectivity on that front that price keeps coming down as well and so accessibility goes up the more we can create and distribute ideas.

$5 phone, it's not something I thought I would see, technology it keeps pushing and I like that and I think you should too, Viva v1 it's a phone and  it's real you can buy it.

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