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Double the Products, Double the Fun

We propelled two new items this year (SpinupWP and WP Offload SES), commenced another part for WP Migrate DB Pro, made enormous upgrades to WP Offload Media, and gained critical ground tidying up our locales. We're as yet nine individuals and the organization is fit as a fiddle monetarily. We're going to step up our advertising game in 2020.
2019 Year in Review - Double the Products, Double the Fun

This will be my 6th year in survey post since I began keeping in touch with them (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

WP Migrate DB Pro

It sort of sucks to report that we haven't sent one significant arrival of WP Migrate DB Pro in 2019. We had wanted to lump up the gigantic 2.0 extend and get two or three significant discharges delivered, however it simply was absurd. There were simply such a large number of conditions and we needed to toss out the entirety of the frontend code. Pete expounded on the difficulties supplanting all of WP Migrate DB Pro's jQuery with React. Pete has worked superbly continuing on even with troublesome work.

Fortunately we sent 6 minor discharges in 2019 and will send the main beta of WP Migrate DB 2.0 this month. It will be an immense help to at long last boat and we're eager to hear what individuals think about the new UI. I figure Lewis made an unbelievable showing on the plan, yet the main thing is the thing that clients think.

There's still bunches of work to do on 2.0 before jump starting it out of beta, yet we'll arrive in 2020 and ideally transport a 2.1 significant discharge with some new highlights too. We'll be adding another designer to the WP Migrate DB Pro group to help get that going.

Jump on the WP Migrate DB Pro email list for refreshes on this.

WP Offload Media

I'm excited to state we sent three significant arrivals of WP Offload Media this year. Jonesy worked admirably arranging the discharges and battling extension creep.

We included help for Google Cloud Storage, moved offloading to the foundation and improved execution, and bolstered the noteworthy media changes in WordPress 5.3.

One thing that we've been significance to help with WP Offload Media for quite a while is serving private media through a CDN. You've generally had the option to set S3 questions as private and serve them with marked S3 URLs legitimately from S3, yet not through CloudFront or another CDN. We're as of now looking into the most ideal approach to help this and even help a blend of private and open media served through a solitary CloudFront dispersion. Stay tuned for additional on this.


We jump started SpinupWP out of beta in May 2019 and we was unable to be more joyful with the gathering. We have a strong client base who simply cherishes our item in the wake of attempting the other options.

Darren Pinder ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ


I've gone through the day moving destinations onto the @spinupwp stage (facilitating by means of @digitalocean). I need to state I'm overwhelmed by how simple and highlight filled the stage is. It was a joy to utilize and I'm anticipating relocating the remainder of our locales over! #wordpress #devops


9:50 PM - Sep 19, 2019

Twitter Ads information and security

See Darren Pinder ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ's different Tweets

Debris and G have been accomplishing extremely strong work, sending some marvelous new highlights since May, including the capacity to change the essential area, include space diverts, and clone a current site. Also the UI upgrades they've been executing from Lewis' magnificent mockups.

We have a great deal on our lineup for the day including the capacity to reestablish reinforcements, further developed reinforcement settings, an open API, CPU/Disk/Memory detailing, impermanent areas, custom SSL endorsements, and a whole lot more. We will post a Laravel + Vue.js designer work this month to assist us with delivery these highlights sooner. Join the SpinupWP email list for refreshes.

WP Offload SES

We propelled our new WP Offload SES module a year back now and Matt worked superbly turning out three other significant arrivals of the module. Highlights included incorporate subsite settings for WordPress multisite, search/see/resend sent messages, and email wellbeing reports.

Next up we'll be reinforcing the free form by overflowing with the email line that is in the paid rendition. After that we're thinking about including suppliers like Mailgun and SendGrid notwithstanding Amazon SES and including lightweight email pamphlet usefulness.

Our Sites

Iain worked admirably refreshing WooCommerce and the different modules on without breaking the site. Unquestionably a major obligation considering most of our income moves through the site. Also, a non-paltry employment considering the measure of janky custom code and its association with outsider modules. It's an untidy activity to be improving that codebase and I'm thankful to have Iain chipping away at it.

Lewis has likewise been accomplishing heaps of work on, having sloped up his frontend improvement abilities. He has made some exceptionally decent enhancements to our landing page, the footer, the WP Migrate DB Pro evaluating page, and parcels more.

Iain and Lewis additionally dealt with a considerable amount this year, porting over usefulness from and making plan enhancements.

It despite everything shocks me how much work it is to keep up and improve our locales.

Our Team

Our group developed by one toward the start of 2019 and afterward shrank by one toward the end, so we're net zero on group development this previous year. We invited Lewis, our first full-time planner to the group in February and afterward said goodbye to Liz, our advertising administrator who left for another activity in November.

In spite of our endeavors to procure a Developer Writer all through quite a bit of 2019, it didn't work out. I had a go at taking a contracting alternate way however ought to have experienced our full employing process. I've presently enlisted an enrollment specialist to assist us with procuring for this position and I'm wanting to have somebody great fill the situation in the following couple of months.

I've additionally employed an enrollment specialist to assist us with sourcing competitors from Latin America for the WordPress Developer (PHP and React) position we as of late posted. What's more, I have a selection representative arranged to help channel applications and vet possibility for the Laravel + Vue.js engineer work that I referenced previously.

In June the entire group flew into Berlin for our yearly organization retreat. We made some extraordinary memories obviously, kart hustling, visiting biergartens, and investigating Berlin. Look at the retreat blog entry for the entire story.

Scrumptious Brains group at supper

Lewis didn't make the retreat since he had the measles.

Caillie has been making an uncommon showing helping me hold down the showcasing fortress since Liz' takeoff and I'm truly anticipating executing on the plans we've made over the recent months. I may contract another advertiser to help Caillie and I execute, however I'm going to keep a watch out. It's conceivable the Developer Writer contract will help fill a portion of the holes and that may be sufficient for the time being.

I'm extremely content with how our WordCamp US stall went. Caillie and Liz worked superbly assembling it and our first support corner ended up extraordinary.

In spite of the fact that we completed loads of advertising things in 2019, I don't think we dealt with the most significant things. Two or three months back I was baffled to find that natural traffic to our blog entries topped in January 2019 and have been in free fall for as long as year.

Delectable Brains natural traffic chart

Contrasting Oct 2017 with Oct 2018, we saw a 45% expansion in natural rush hour gridlock contrasted with a 35% diminishing contrasting Oct 2018 with Oct 2019. Traffic to the WP Migrate DB Pro pages of our site saw a similar decrease.

Subsequent to conversing with certain companions who are up on the most recent in SEO, I've understood that our thoughts regarding SEO have been horribly obsolete. We've been distributing new substance consistently and adding it to the load of substance delivered throughout the years. This simply doesn't cut it and evidently it hasn't for a couple of years at any rate. Google needs a curated library of substance and topically applicable to other substance on the site.

What most took my breath away was click-profundity and that it is so imperative to connection to your best blog content from key pages on your website, not simply from other blog entries.

Bill Nye. Psyche blown.

I'm trusting with a revised SEO mentality we can get our traffic inclining upward again in 2020 and possibly outperform our past highs. I expect on the off chance that we can pull this off we'll see a comparable upward pattern in our new client deals that we've been watching out for since 2018.


DBI income graph

We encountered sound development again this year with income up 27% over a year ago. This is somewhat better than our development rate a year ago, so I'm content with that.

I'm wanting to see a higher development rate again in 2020 with SEO upgrades and proceeding to develop our items.

Objective Checkup

Contract an item originator

3 significant arrivals of WP Offload Media

3 significant arrivals of WP Migrate DB Pro

3 significant arrivals of WP Offload SES

5 significant highlights discharged for SpinupWP

Enroll another item supervisor – Work in progress

Contract another designer – Work in progress

Begin building 2 new items

We were anticipating building another dev condition however learned at WCUS that Clay and the Local group had remade Local starting from the earliest stage into precisely the item we were pondering. ๐Ÿ‘

Return to this objective rundown with our group at our organization retreat in June

Objectives for 2020

I truly hate returning to these objectives consistently. The issue is that new data frequently makes an objective out of date soon after I distribute this post. But then when I'm composing my year in audit a year later and I return to them, working out the reasons why an objective wasn't finished despite everything wants to rationalize.

Inside we're not giving any consideration to these objectives. We never have. We simply give a valiant effort to pick the most significant things to take a shot at and keep each discharge cycle under about two months. We hope to spot holes between group jobs and contract to fill them. We impart to clients what we've done and where we're going. On the off chance that we can do that, the outcomes ought to be acceptable.

Along these lines, no objectives list this year, however who knows, perhaps I'll feel contrastingly in twelve months.

Much appreciated

I'd prefer to thank my entire group, Caillie, Peter, Lewis, Gilbert, Ash, Matt, Iain, and Jonesy for all the beneficial things they've done in the previous year that I haven't expressed gratitude toward them for. From updates to our wiki, to updates in Slack, to all the lines of code that I never observed.

I particularly need to thank the individuals who drew things out into the open that were hard to address. I'm appreciative to have a group that isn't reluctant to make some noise when something is pestering them with the goal that we can continually be improving things.

I'd likewise prefer to thank my mother for keeping our books and running finance. I'm appreciative to have somebody I trust genuinely with access to my financial balance.

What's more, on account of my kindred business people for helping me work through the run of the mill battles of a performance originator and those special to me.

At long last, because of you, our clients. Without you none of this would be conceivable. I feel blessed that you love the items we fabricate, welcome the quality, and are happy to remunerate us with your well deserved dollars. We're planning to significantly improve our present items you know and love, just as manufacture new ones that we trust you'll cherish as well.

I'm amazingly content with our group and the work we did together this previous year. I feel as if 2019 has been a strong year and that we have a firm balance to make our next stride up as an organization in 2020.

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